Friday, November 23, 2007

Martha Jane Scott Gibbs Rose: Claremore, Oklahoma Obit.

Received this photocopy by email from a Louise in response to a query I left on a message board looking for an obituary for Martha Jane Scott Gibbs Rose. The Obituary for Martha is the very last one. I've transcribed the piece about Martha below the image, including spelling errors.

Sent: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 8:22 pm
Subject: Obit for Martha Gibbs Rose


I am a genealogy volunteer at the Will Rogers Library in Claremore, Rogers Co., OK. I received your request on October 26, 2007, and did some microfilm work this evening and found a 'blurb' in the Claremore Messenger, dated Friday, March 5, 1920. The Claremore Messenger was a weekly paper at this time and has not been in existence for some time.

I am scanning the portion of the page that had the 'item' regarding Mrs. Rose's death. I looked through the rest of March to see if there was any other mention of Mrs. Rose, i.e. a Card of Thanks, etc., but did not find anything else. I hope that it will be of some help to you.

Mrs. Rose, mother of Joe Gibbs, of this city, who died at her western home las week, wa buried in this city Sunday and the funeral was largely attended by friends of the family: Chas A. Gibbs, of Sapulpa, Frank Gibbs and family of Sand Springs, Mrs. Etta Snyder of St. Louis, Mrs. Tony Matney, of Kansas City, Mr. Russell of Muskogee, Mrs. Etta Snyder of St. Louis, Miss Victorine Fry of Edmund and Miss Mary Fry of Pittsburg, Kansas.


Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

I am trying to located someone who could do a newspaper look-up for me from the 1960's. Do u do this service? I am in TN. Thank you in advance.

Connie said...

Cynthia, I would be happy to help if your look up is in my area, which is, Benton County in Washington State, the clipping seen here was done for me in response to a query on a message board through that I had left on a county page for Colorado, by a volunteer there.

nanturner said...

Victorine Fry is the mother of a friend on mine, now 86 years old. I have several pieces she knit and crocheted.

nanturner said...

Victorine Fry is the mother of a friend of mine, now 86 years old. I have a photo of her in 1922

Connie Giltz said...

Nanturner, I am so glad you found my little blog, thank you for leaving a comment. My family tie to the Fry line is not direct, I do want to connect all the family, but I am not real familiar with many of the names, right now I am not home so can't look at my records. Was Charlotte Gibbs Fry Victorine Fry's mother?

Connie Giltz said...

Your picture is of Victorine or her mother? I have some old ones I believe are of Charlotte, there are others in different pictures who aren't identified, I would love to see what she looked like.

Tuey said...

Victorine Fry Gladfelter is the daughter of William and Charlotte Gibbs Fry. Her younger brother, Joseph Gibbs Fry, is my husband David Fry’s father.
Trudy Fry posting

nanturner said...

Hi Tuey - I will check with Victorian's grand daughters to see if they know of their Great Uncle. Is he still alive?

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